Have a good trip: know how to use GPS

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Have a good trip: know how to use GPS in a simple way in today’s post!

Do you want to go on a trip and leave the unforeseen events out of the question? Technology can certainly help you with this. It is quite common that during tourism or work trips we get a little lost when arriving at the chosen destination. But with GPS technology this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! The different GPS apps offer their users several interesting features that help with location and movement, being a great tool for discovering the best points of interest in the location.

GPS technology has been on the market for longer than many people realize, but it wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Thanks to applications, it is already part of the daily lives of millions of people who need to move frequently around rural and urban areas. Furthermore, its various features, such as weather forecast, directions, routes, real-time traffic information, among others, can be very useful.

Therefore, no matter what your purpose, it is important that you know how to use GPS and be able to enjoy this technology in the best way possible. Keep reading and discover everything we have prepared for you in this article!

How to use GPS?

know how to use GPS

Have a good trip: know how to use GPS

If you are planning that dream trip, it is essential that you know how to use GPS. This technology can be used both online and offline, without the need for an internet connection. However, depending on the application, there may be some limitations in offline mode. Check out what each one is about below:


Online mode offers real-time information, being the main way to use popular applications such as Apple Maps and Waze. For them to work you need to have an internet connection, whether using a Wi-Fi network or a 3G, 4G and 5G network. This specific feature can be an inconvenience when using online GPS in remote areas, where the internet signal is weak or non-existent, which prevents navigation from continuing. An alternative is to use offline mode in these cases.


In the case of offline mode, it can be used without needing internet or mobile network. However, it is necessary to download the maps that will be used before leaving home, as this requires using a Wi-Fi network. But, as not everything is perfect, the downloaded maps can take up a lot of space in the device’s memory. See some of the best GPS apps that offer offline mode:

Where to find the GPS

know how to use GPS

Have a good trip: know how to use GPS

To know how to use GPS, it is essential to know that this system can be accessed on different devices:


Certainly one of the most used means is cell phones, as they come from the factory with an allocated GPS. This system is necessary to perform different functions, and of course for the use of location applications. Many people are unaware, but GPS can help, for example, with setting schedules and weather forecasts.


Some more modern motorcycle models have GPS. Even so, GPS devices or cell phones are more frequently used. To do this, a special support can be used to allow the device to be fitted to the motorcycle’s handlebars. This way, the pilot can safely view the routes and maps.


The most recently launched cars already have an integrated GPS. Navigation is displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard, thus eliminating the need for a cell phone or GPS equipment.


In a very similar way to the motorcycle, it is also possible to use GPS when traveling by bicycle. The same can be of great use for those who travel long distances during sporting activities. Remembering that there are already specific geolocation devices for bicycles on the market.

Main functions of GPS and navigation applications

know how to use GPS

Have a good trip: know how to use GPS

Choose the best routes

Using GPS, you can choose the best routes based on information provided by the application, such as traffic accidents, distance, shortest routes, shortcuts, traffic information, among others.

New transport possibilities

For those who use other transport modes on a daily basis, in addition to the car, the GPS service can be very useful. For example, using Google Maps users can choose different types of routes: walking, motorbike, car journeys, cycling, and even public transport. The platform itself also shows the fastest way to get to the desired destination.

Location sharing

Using this feature, the user can share their route in real time with anyone they wish. This way, the other person can follow the movement.

Browsing history

This tool can be very useful, as it is possible to evaluate distances or even the use of a car, just to name a few examples.

Tips for a better experience using GPS and navigation apps

During a trip or even in your daily routine, it is essential that you know how to use GPS. And to make the most of the resources available, you can follow some simple tips:

1- Define the distance to work

Setting the distance between work and home is a great alternative to choosing the fastest or shortest route. This way you can avoid delays and avoid traffic jams.

2- Check the traffic situation before leaving home

Always check the traffic conditions before leaving and see which roads are most congested. You can also see which route is faster.

3- Plan routes in advance

During long trips, GPS can become your best companion, helping you define routes in advance. This way, you don’t run the risk of getting lost or choosing the wrong path.

4- Get to know the facade of a place before you go

Have you ever thought about being able to see what a place is like before you even step foot in it? This is possible thanks to GPS apps, such as Google Maps. This tool has a featurecalled Street View, which presents images of houses, buildings and establishments. This allows the facade to be seen withadvance.

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