Top apps to monitor your baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy

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Top apps to monitor your baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy. See how to use your cell phone to listen to this sweet melody!

The journey of motherhood is one of life’s most transformative experiences, filled with invaluable challenges and rewards. Deciding to have a child is one of the most significant choices anyone can make. Despite the uncertainties of modern society, being a mother goes far beyond the visible, enriching our lives in unimaginable ways.

And we cannot deny that technology it has revolutionized the way we take care of our children even before they are born. In this blog, we will delve into the world of apps to monitor your baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy. Thanks to them you will be able to live a unique experience and even record this wonderful moment. Follow along!

12 reasons why it’s worth having a child

1. Having a child allows us to discover the ability to love unconditionally andget rich our emotional repertoire, making life much more interesting.

2. Having children helps us mature and reinvent our history, even when as teenagers we swore we would never have children. (This happened to me!)

3. The experience of creating a new life is magical, but the true journey of motherhood begins when the baby is born.

4. Having children teaches us to respect differences, to recognize that each child is unique and to learn to deal with their temperament and preferences.

5. Motherhood also teaches us to respect differences, to value our children’s individuality and to apply these lessons to our other personal relationships.

6. Having children teaches you that things don’t always go as planned, and that’s okay. Motherhood challenges perfectionism and forces us to adapt to unforeseen changes.

7. Having a child makes us take more care of ourselves, as now we have someone depending on us. This makes us more aware and careful in our actions.

8. Having a reason to get home early is important, as children value the quantity and quality of time spent with them.

9. Motherhood allows us to rejuvenate, as accompanying a child helps us recover attitudes of spontaneity, the desire to discover the world and the ability to play.

10. Having children leads us to acquire healthier habits, such as reducing our consumption of sugar, salt and fried foods, and adopting a balanced diet.

11. To be a better human being and an exemplary mother. Our behavior and actions are what really matter to the little one.

12. Because each child is unique, and the feelings you have for them are indescribable. There is no definitive formula for being a mother, as each child is a unique universe. Take advantage of all the experiences that motherhood offers, as the journey is very valuable!

Of course there are many more reasons, but I wanted to list the most relevant ones. Are you ready to discover the best apps to monitor your baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy? Stay with me until the end and discover its functionalities and available resources.

BabyDoppler (iOS)

The Baby Doppler app makes your pregnancy experience something completely unique. Connected to monitoring devices, it records the baby’s heartbeat, offers a complete ad-free solution and allows you to track weekly growth. It also has other interesting features, such as a kick counter, recording your heartbeat and customizing the expected birth date. Additionally, it provides reminders and useful information for a smoother pregnancy. It is definitely an essential ally for future mothers.

apps to monitor your baby's heartbeat

Baby heartbeat apps for pregnant womenBabyDopplerThe Baby Doppler app allows you to get closer to your baby and monitor how your baby is growing each week of your pregnancy. Count and track shots using the shot counter option. Record your baby’s heartbeat to share or save these precious moments.SEE NOWYou will be redirected to another website

My Baby Heart Sounds App (iOS)

My Baby Heart Sounds offers a free listening experience and only charges when you decide to save recordings. It’s a quick and simple way to use your iPhone to listen, record and share the sounds of your baby’s heart. Developed by moms who wanted to capture those precious audio memories, the app offers high-quality sound and quick setup. You can listen for free and pay only when you want to record and share, with all recordings stored securely on your mobile device, ensuring your privacy.

Hear My Baby Heartbeat (iOS)

Among the apps to monitor your baby’s heartbeat, for many parents, Hear My Baby is the best prenatal listening app. The tool has been leading since 2018 in more than 100 countries. It allows you to record and share the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat using just your iPhone’s microphone, offering simplicity and security. Supported for AppleAirpods and Bluetooth headphones, is the #1 choice in the US and over 102 countries. It has already been widely tested on pregnant women, with more than 450,000 downloads worldwide!

Womb Beats (iOS)

With the Womb Beats app, easily record your baby’s fetal heartbeat at each midwifery appointment and create a unique soundtrack synchronized with the recorded sound of your baby’s heartbeat throughout your pregnancy. Choose up to 10 photos related to your pregnancy and share your pregnancy journey in a 30-second slideshow highlighting your Womb Beats.

Fetal Heartbeat – Expecting (Android | iOS)

Last, but of course not least, we have Expecting. It is a pregnancy tracker that allows you to hear and record your baby’s heartbeat while still in the womb. You can share this sound with your family and keep it as a memory forever. To use, simply move your smartphone in a quiet environment, focus on your lower abdomen, listen and tap to record. Additionally, the app offers a pregnancy weight tracker to track your baby’s development.


The journey of motherhood is incredible, full of love and learning. Today, technology allows us to monitor our baby’s heartbeat before he is even born, making this experience even more special. Your apps to monitor your baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy are valuable to make your motherhood journey even more memorable and full of affection. Take advantage of the features and resources they offer and celebrate every moment of this incredible experience.

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