What to pack in your baby’s maternity bag

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Finally, the moment so awaited and awaited by the whole family has arrived, to be able to meet this precious being who is on the way. But, in the midst of so much emotion and anxiety, are you taking everything you need in your baby’s maternity bag?

The nine months of pregnancy are full of doubts, insecurities, anxiety, fear, joy, endless emotions. And there are so many things to fix: decoration of the baby’s room, furniture, layette, and of course the suitcase with the baby’s little things.

And know that preparing the baby’s maternity bag is essential to ensure a peaceful stay in the maternity ward. Find out what to pack in your baby’s maternity bag and be prepared for your little one’s arrival. With these tips, you’ll be able to organize your suitcase with essential items to take care of your baby and get everything ready for delivery time.

So no need to worry anymore! Read on and find out what to pack!

What to pack in your maternity bag

baby's maternity bag

What to pack in your baby’s maternity bag

This item is undoubtedly essential for moms and dads who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little one. It should have everything that will be needed in the first days of the baby’s life.

Right after childbirth, the baby and mom need to stay in the hospital for a few days, this period serves as adaptation, recognition and connection. It will be a few days away from home, so the suitcase should contain at least the basic items that will be used by the little one.

Note: Before preparing the suitcase, contact the maternity hospital and find out which items they suggest should be included in it, as quantities or pieces can often vary from one place to another.

Remembering, that in the suitcase must be put clothes and personal hygiene items for you too. When putting on the baby’s clothes, think about practicality, so preferably those with a front opening and pressure buttons. This will make it much easier when making changes.

What not to pack in your baby’s maternity bag

baby's maternity bag

What to pack in your baby’s maternity bag

What can’t be missing from the suitcase are the essential items, so that the mother and baby’s stay in the hospital or maternity hospital is peaceful and they don’t lack for anything. Therefore, it is not necessary to take many things, since if the delivery is performed by cesarean section, you will only need to stay four days in the hospital.

Therefore, there is no need for a very large suitcase. It is better to avoid taking bedding or walking clothes, and decoration items. At this time, the baby and you just need comfortable clothes, no parts with velcro or zippers, as these types of materials can bother or even hurt the baby.

Maternity Bag List: Essentials

Of course, there are some items that absolutely cannot be missing from your baby’s maternity bag. There are things that, if left behind, will not be of great importance, such as cotton or a cotton swab. On the other hand, forgetting about the baby’s maternity leave outfit can become a problem.

So that doesn’t happen, I made a list of the basic items that can’t be missing in the suitcase. Remembering that it is always indicated to contact the maternity hospital first and consult their recommendations.

What to take for the baby?

baby's maternity bag

What to pack in your baby’s maternity bag

In the first days of life, the newborn needs to always stay clean and warm. If he is born at a time with lower temperatures, socks, gloves, clothes and blankets cannot be missing.

Even though the baby’s small body is warm, it still has more difficulties controlling body heat, and is even more prone to hypothermia. Therefore, it is not recommended to take short clothes, since he is still too small to be exposed.

  • 6 pairs of socks
  • Mouth diapers
  • 6 body
  • 6 pissers
  • 1 shawl or blanket
  • 2 jackets with buttons on the front
  • 2 blankets
  • 1 disposable diaper pack
  • 1 set of maternity leave clothes
  • 1 hair brush
  • Liquid glycerin soap with neutral pH
  • Cotton buds
  • 70% alcohol
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • 1 bag for dirty clothes
  • Cotton balls
  • 2 diaper towels

What to take for mom?

What to pack in your baby’s maternity bag

At this time, the expectant mother needs the most comfortable garments possible, and even more so if the birth is by cesarean section. Also, there are women who are more vain than others and want to feel beautiful these days too, so they can take some makeup items with them.

  • Comfortable panties
  • 2 or more nightgowns, or open-front pajamas
  • Socks
  • Robe
  • Breastfeeding bras
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Postpartum pads
  • Pads for breasts
  • Slippers to stay in the room
  • Slipper for bathing
  • 1 change of clothes for the maternity leave
  • 1 postpartum girdle
  • 1 bag for dirty clothes
  • Clips if you want to hold your hair
  • Makeup kit: mascara, lipstick, blush, makeup remover, eyeliner
  • Case prefer to take a breastfeeding pillow, it can be very useful these days

When is the best time to pack your maternity bag?

As they say, babies don’t have a day or time to arrive, so the best thing to do is to prepare the baby’s maternity bag about three months before the expected date of delivery. At least you can start by putting the most basic items, so if something unforeseen happens and the delivery goes ahead, you won’t be caught by surprise.


Preparing your baby’s maternity bag is a crucial step to ensure a smooth and comfortable stay in the hospital or maternity ward. It’s a time filled with excitement and anticipation, and having all the essentials ready can ease some of the anxiety.

Remember to consult the specific recommendations from the maternity hospital and focus on packing the essentials for both your baby and yourself. With practical and comfortable clothing, hygiene products, and other necessary items, you’ll be well-prepared for the arrival of your little one. Begin preparing your maternity bag well ahead of time so that you’re fully prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.



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