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GPS Applications: see the best ones and include some of them in your daily routine!

I don’t know if you know, but more than 4 billion people around the world include GPS applications in their routine. In other words, these apps are already part of your life! And it’s no surprise either, as they facilitate navigation, tracking and discovery.

In fact, GPS applications are not just for avoiding losing your way, as they have several benefits and versatile tools. In this post we will explore the world of the best GPS apps and what their amazing features are. Come check!

1- Waze (Android | iOS )

Among GPS applications, Waze is widely used by those who want to get information over the transit in real time. Its excellent performance is largely due to one particular feature: its community. In the app, users have an active participation and can therefore report problems along the way. In addition, it has fun avatars and a different look. See other interesting features:

  • Real-time traffic;
  • Road hazard alerts;
  • Search for points of interest;
  • Trip planning resources;
  • Fuel price reports;
  • Police and speed camera alerts.

2- Here WeGo (Android | iOS )

GPS ApplicationsHERE WeGoThe top choice for offline GPS navigation and maps.SEE NOWYou will remain on the same site

The previously known Here Maps is now much better and more complete! This navigation and mapping application offers GPS capabilities so that its users can get around with more ease and confidence. Check out some of its main features:

  • Real-time navigation;
  • Diversified modes of transport;
  • Offline maps;
  • Detailed information about public transport;
  • Search for points of interest;
  • Real-time traffic warnings.

It is worth highlighting that the app is so efficient that it was chosen by the Huawei brand as an alternative to Google Maps on its mobile devices.

3- TomTom Go (Android | iOS )

The TomTom Go is a very popular option for those looking for GPS navigation. With its wide variety of features, it helps drivers reach their destination with safety, ease and efficiency. Something very interesting about the app is that it can take advantage of smartphone resources to recalculate routes and arrival estimates, update traffic information, among others. Their service also includes other cool features:

  • Real-time traffic information;
  • Speed ​​camera alerts;
  • Search for points of interest;
  • Lane change assistance;
  • Lifetime map updates;
  • Offline maps;
  • Parking assistant.

4- Sygic (Android | iOS )

GPS ApplicationsSygic GPS Navigation & MapsSygic GPS: Innovative app, monthly offline maps, live traffic, and speed camera alerts for reliable navigation.SEE NOWYou will remain on the same site

Unlike other GPS applications, Sygic has a look that is very reminiscent of old GPS devices, because it places various information on the mobile device’s screen during navigation. Many of its features are free, but it also offers a Premium subscription that has advanced features, such as:

  • Augmented reality;
  • Fuel price tracking;
  • Lane assistant and voice navigation;
  • Parking information;
  • Friend tracking.

5- Google Maps (Android | iOS )

GPS ApplicationsGoogle MapsGoogle Maps is a versatile navigation app with detailed maps and directions.SEE NOWYou will remain on the same site

You’re probably already familiar with the popular Google Maps! The application is already installed on most Android smartphones and has innovative features that help users with traffic, using public transport, in areas without internet signal and much more. In addition, it has a widely used resource, “Street View”, which has a huge collection of visual information that can be very useful for consulting landmarks on routes.

Of course, I couldn’t fail to mention some of its main features:

  • Map visualization;
  • Real-time traffic information;
  • Search for places and points of interest;
  • Transport information public;
  • Location reviews and ratings;
  • Scheduling reservations;
  • Real-time location sharing.

As you can see, these apps make our lives easier by helping us reach where we need and explore the world around us. Therefore, choose the one that best suits your needs and include it in your daily routine. Navigating and discovering new places has never been so simple!

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