Practical Guide: Improving Baby’s Sleep in 5 Steps

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One of the biggest challenges that parents have to face with the arrival of a new member in the family is the baby’s sleep. Without a doubt, adapting to a new routine can become a real adventure! And until little ones get used to it, it may take a little time.

If you are looking for solutions for this new phase, you are in the right place! This practical guide was specially designed to help mothers and fathers understand and implement effective techniques to improve their baby’s sleep in five simple steps, thus bringing more peace of mind, comfort and more restful nights for the whole family.

So, keep reading, and find out simple strategies that can make a big difference in your baby’s sleep!

1. Establish a sleep routine!

Even though they are so small, babies need to have a routine, especially at bedtime. That’s why it’s so important to create habits that calm and induce sleep, from the first days of your little one’s life. To do this, you can leave the room with a dimmer light, give a warm relaxing bath, a gentle massage using a moisturizer, sing a lullaby, among others.

Remembering that each baby is unique, as well as each family’s routine is different. Therefore, the important thing about this ritual is that it helps signal to the baby that it is time to calm down and sleep. Furthermore, the baby’s sleep, in addition to being restorative, is responsible for development, as the release of growth hormone occurs during this period of time.

2. Positioning at bedtime: keep an eye on it

If for us adults having to sleep in an uncomfortable position is bad enough, for babies it is even worse! You will discover the best position for your child over time. However, for little ones, it is essential that there is safety at bedtime.

Currently, pediatricians have chosen to recommend placing babies on their backs when they go to sleep. Yes, I thought it was weird the first time I read this too! But believe me, recent studies claim that this position can reduce the risk of death from sudden illness in babies. And to think that when my daughters were babies, they only slept on their stomachs because that was what seemed safest! Now you know!

3. Find the ideal place for your baby to sleep

Creating a suitable environment for your baby to sleep is essential so that they can sleep comfortably and safely. To do this, you must start by choosing an appropriate crib or bed, which has an adjusted and firm mattress, according to the size of the crib so that there are no spaces where the baby could get stuck.

It is also recommended to place the crib in such a way that it is not exposed to drafts, direct sunlight or close to electrical cables, curtains or dangerous furniture. Likewise, keep the space around the crib free of padded bumpers, toys, pillows, or other loose items.

4. Make comfort a priority for your little one

For your baby to have a good night’s sleep, comfort is essential! That’s why choosing a suitable mattress and pillows is so important when creating a baby’s sleep routine.

Furthermore, it is recommended to keep the little one’s head slightly elevated using anti-reflux pillows suitable for newborns. Therefore, as the child grows, they can opt for children’s pillows, much smaller in size than adults normally use. This helps make sleeping much more pleasant at night.

Likewise, during the night, we cannot forget the moment of breastfeeding, which should be as comfortable and peaceful as possible. You can use breastfeeding pillows, which in addition to providing well-being for the baby, also provide more comfort for the mother.

5. Make sure the environment is at the right temperature!

Lastly, the temperature of the room where the baby will sleep cannot be left out! The best thing to do is for the temperature to be adequate, generally between 20 to 22 °C.

An important tip for those babies who don’t stay wrapped in a blanket for long: you can keep them well wrapped up, with socks, mittens and warm sets. This way, even if you uncover yourself during the night, you won’t feel cold at all.


Providing an environment conducive to baby’s sleep is essential to guarantee peaceful nights for both the baby and the whole family. By following these five simple steps, you will be establishing a routine for a more peaceful and restful sleep for your little one. Don’t forget, each baby is unique, so adapt the strategies according to your child’s needs. With patience and consistency, you can transform busy nights into moments of rest and tranquility. I hope these tips are useful and help you face the challenges of baby sleep with more confidence and serenity. Enjoy every moment with your little one and remember that each phase brings unique and precious learning for everyone.

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