Take a pregnancy test with your phone

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Take a pregnancy test with your phone. See how! Now technology can be an ally even in times like these.

Traditional pregnancy tests used to be the only viable option for women. But now, with technology advancing at an astonishing rate, even the way we take a pregnancy test has changed!

Imagine being able to perform a pregnancy test using just your phone. It seems unbelievable, but it’s real! Technology makes this convenient, and in this article we will see how. Come find out!

How does a pregnancy test using your phone work?

Basically, an online pregnancy test is a simple questionnaire with questions about common pregnancy symptoms and other important information. After the woman answers all the questions, a final result appears with a percentage. If it is high, there is a high probability that the woman is pregnant. This type of test is for those who want to clarify doubts and get an idea before consulting a doctor or taking a home test from a pharmacy.

Check out some of the best online pregnancy tests available below.


This is one of the most used pregnancy apps around the world. It offers several interesting features, such as a to-do list, appointment and exam schedule, baby development throughout the journey, and much more. With the app, it is possible to take a pregnancy test, and soon future mothers can follow the pregnancy from the beginning.

In addition, it has more than 40 animated 3D models, baby’s heartbeat, name suggestions, among others. All these tools make it one of the best-rated apps in the app stores. Millions of future dads have already chosen you to become their best ally on this beautiful journey!

pregnancy test

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Clearblue – Online Questionnaire

The famous brand of home pregnancy tests also has its online questionnaire “Am I pregnant?”. This tool can help women who are in doubt to examine whether what they are starting to feel could really be due to pregnancy.

Remembering that a missed period is one of the first signs and even the most obvious, however, there are other symptoms that also indicate the beginning of a pregnancy. For example, morning sickness, more sensitive breasts, frequent urge to urinate, abdominal swelling, among others.

It is also worth highlighting that many of the symptoms of PMS are the same as those that occur at the beginning of pregnancy. Therefore, if after answering the questionnaire, you still have questions, consult a doctor.

First Response

Finally we have this revolutionary and innovative pregnancy test. First Response is not a questionnaire like the others, but a pregnancy test that uses Bluetooth. Yes, that’s exactly what you just read now!

Basically, it is a pharmacy home test, however it has integrated technology that connects via Bluetooth to your app to provide the test result in a few minutes.

During the endless 3-minute wait, which seems to never end, you can watch captivating videos, listen to calm music or even find out about pregnancy and fertility. Furthermore, the app can also be used as a pregnancy tracker if the result is positive, allowing you to monitor your pregnancy more closely.

It is worth mentioning that to take a pregnancy test, the procedure is the same as home pharmacy tests, where a small urine sample is needed.

Oh and I almost forgot. If the result is positive and you want to share the good news with other family members or friends via social media!

Technology is transforming the way we approach pregnancy, making it more accessible and informative. But remember that it is a journey that requires the guidance and care of experts to ensure the health of mother and baby. Therefore, use technology as an ally, but do not dispense with medical support when necessary.

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