Blood pressure under control: 8 Apps to keep your health up to date

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Blood pressure under control: 8 apps to keep your health up to date using just your cell phone.

Remember the old days when we wrote down our blood pressure readings in notebooks? Well, now we can replace these annotations with smart apps that help us keep our blood pressure under control. Furthermore, they not only record data but also provide valuable insights.

Technology is definitely transforming the way we manage our health, and blood pressure is no exception! Apps to keep blood pressure under control are revolutionizing the way we control this “invisible threat”, I say threat since many call high blood pressure a silent killer.

In this article we will discover the applications that are changing this vision. Follow along!


When it comes to monitoring blood pressure, this is an excellent option. It allows users to track and record their readings anytime, anywhere. It also offers assessments based on data recorded on systolic and diastolic measurements separately. Likewise, you can easily share reports with third parties.

2- Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

MyDiary not only tracks your BP, it also checks your pulse rate and arm pressure. Additionally, it provides important information based on recorded readings, such as average blood pressure and other health indicators. It can also be used to monitor glucose, weight and oxygen saturation.

3- Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood pressure under control

Applications that help monitor blood pressureBlood Pressure TrackerBlood Pressure Tracker helps you to log your blood pressure, monitor blood pressure trends and shared with your family and doctor.SEE NOWTexto abaixo do botão: You will remain on the same site

This app is considered by many to be the best for keeping blood pressure under control, as it allows you to easily record readings and track progress. It is also possible to share reports, add data such as weight and pulse rate to each reading.

4- Heart Rate Monitor

With the Heart Rate Monitor it is easier to keep a record of your heart rate which is vitally important for our health. The app has an unlimited data storage service, tests, graphics, among other features. Thanks to this tool users can easily monitor their yes it is heart rate, thus ensuring accurate and satisfactory results.

5- Cardio Journal- Blood Pressure Log

For those who want to keep their health and pressure under control, the Cardio Journal can become an excellent ally. The tool allows you to monitor BP and weight changes, and even record physical activities. All recorded data can be easily shared with other fitness apps.

6- Calm- Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm is another blood pressure app that helps you have better control. It also offers meditations to relax the mind and disconnect from the noise, thus improving sleep and psychological well-being. It has an extensive list of songs to reduce stress levels.

7- OMRON Connect

OMRON Connect allows users to synchronize data from measuring devices to their phones. Devices must be compatible with OMRON Connect. After synchronization the data can be sent and saved quickly on the cell phone. It also offers graphs to track the user’s progress.

8- iCare Health Monitor

Lastly, we have this complete application that measures BP and oxygenation. It can also check heart rate, vision, hearing and breathing capacity. It has a very intuitive interface, which makes it very easy to use, even for those without technology knowledge.


With these 8 innovative apps, keeping your blood pressure under control has never been easier. Goodbye to the days of manually writing down your readings in notebooks. Now, you can monitor your health from the convenience of your cell phone. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and start your journey to healthy blood pressure right now!

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